Event Security

We provide security to hotels for regular and special events management, pubs, discos etc. We put up special security arrangements for events. We train professionals in ensuring security at the main gates, main doors, receptions, etc.

We also train them in the activity of guest escorting. Special security arrangements are made for events held by corporate companies, schools & colleges, etc. We also provide well-trained professionals at events such as flag hoisting events, musical shows, award nights, sports events, etc.

The services are provided by using premium superiority arms and safety appliances. Owing to their trustworthiness, promptness and well functionality, these rendered services are extensivelyesteemed and accredited.

In a big city like Mumbai, there are many sections of people who organize private events. At these occasions too, security is a must. Now, these kinds of parties could be for a wedding, an anniversary, a fashion show or a private party.

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